Jorlene Lim

(She / Her)

Artwork by Jorlene Lim commissioned by City of Melbourne in response to SIGNAL's Disability Action Plan.

Jorlene Lim is Asian, deaf, speaks three languages, and enjoys solving Rubik’s cubes. She loves design, making cool things with other creatives, and drawing silly people’s faces! She’d like to say she’s an interesting human being who often thinks about existential issues, but really her biggest problem consists of where and what to eat next.

Artist Statement

My work is about the disabled who have powerful tools that are unique, smart, and cool! Without our tools, we wouldn’t be able to go out and explore the city.

Ordinary people will miss the chance to see people with a disability and how special they are. I believe they have more ideas, are more helpful, more creative, and more useful. This is because disabled people like to ally with ordinary people so that our city will be more liveable and more fun.

Image Description

A white background is filled in with lightly hand-drawn black squiggles. Placed at the top of the image is red 3D text that reads ‘Disability with strongest power tools’.

Underneath the text are shaded doodles of a walking stick, a grey wheelchair, grey sunglasses, a blue and grey set of forearm crutches, a cochlear implant and two brown hands signing in ASL.

The bottom part of the drawing consists of a dark blue city landscape with tall black buildings with white windows.