Megan Williams

(She / Her)

Artwork by Megan Williams commissioned by City of Melbourne in response to SIGNAL's Disability Action Plan.

Megan Williams is a bed-based artist and a full-time sick person.

Her work explores the embodied realities of life with ME/CFS and the conceptual possibilities of collage as a disabled medium.

(Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome – ME/CFS – is a serious, long-term illness that affects many body systems.)

Artist Statement

In this piece, I wanted to express the fundamental importance of accessibility in my life and the lives of other disabled people.

I also wanted to express my disability pride. Specifically, the joy that the disabled community continues to bring me.

Image Description

On an A4 white backdrop, multiple photos are arranged together in a funky and playful hand-made collage.

Within the centre of the page, cuttings from newspapers and magazines are collated together to form the sentence ‘We Say: ACCESS IS LOVE, JOY & FREEDOM!’

Arranged around the text are images of black headphones, a yellow daisy, a brain, a rainbow pride flag, a prosthetic leg, sunglasses, a fidget spinner, a cochlea implant, a guide dog, a Rubik’s cube, medication pills, a walker, a teaspoon, a mobility chair, a toadstool, Van Gogh’s painting of his wooden bed, paint smears, hand-drawn stars and a small pink sign that reads ‘Stop Trying to Control our Bodies.’