Nina Fitzsimmons

(She / Her)

Artwork by Nina Fitzgerald commissioned by City of Melbourne in response to SIGNAL's Disability Action Plan.

Nina Fitzsimmons is a visual artist practising painting, collage and ceramics.

Nina is autistic, identifies as queer, and is a strong advocate for access to arts in her local community.

Artist Statement

My piece seeks to communicate the key aspects of the SIGNAL Disability Action Plan in a concise and creative way. The artwork examines the intricacies of art, identity and disability and was created through a combination of acrylic painting and digital art.

Image Description

‘Nothing about us without us’ is written in dark blue text on a sage green background. Underneath the text are four line-drawn faces, outlined in white. Each face is different from the next, showcasing a range of diversity within the disabled community.

Underneath the faces, small text reads ‘Community, Power, Opportunity, Inclusivity, Visibility and Accessibility’ directly referencing the main points of Signal’s Disability Action Plan.